Virtual Textbook Resource
Resource description
Area and perimeter of rectangles and triangles. Area of parallelograms and trapeziums.
Table of circumference and diameter so pupils can calculate pi. Circumference of circle and perimeter of semicircle in terms of pi and to 1dp. Table of areas and radii to calculate formula for area. Estimate area of circle. Calculate area in terms of pi and to 1dp. Arc length. Sector area. Segment area.
Surface area of cube and cuboid. Ability to set questions to calculate surface area or calculate a missing length.
Calculate volume of prism and given volume calculate area of cross section or length. Calculate volume of cuboid, triangular prism, cylinder and cone.
Calculate the area of a tilted square. Given length of side calculate area of square. Calculate the hypotenuse. Calculate the short side. Calculate area of triangle by calculating one of the shorter sides first. Calculate area of isosceles triangle.
Ability to set angle or length of side calculations. Separate pages for sin, cos and tan questions. Mixed questions for all 3 ratios.
Angle facts
Ratio Questions for angles on a straight line, in a right angle, angles at a point, vertically opposite angles, angles in a triangle, angles in a quadrilateral and mixed problems.
Quick production of shapes for whole number, fractional and negative scale factors. Project onto a board, ask pupils to draw where they think the shape should appear, click draw enlargement to see if they are correct.
Enlargement questions
Given the centre of enlargement, scale factor and 3 coordinates, pupils plot the points and then can check the coordinates of the new shape. Available for scale factors 2 and 3 and also scale factors 0.5 and 0.25. Image and object drawn, identify the scale factor and centre of enlargement.
Speed Distance Time
Given time in minutes and distance, calculate the speed in mph. Also ability to set reverse problems. Also calculations where the time is given in hours.
Metric and imperial units
Timestables Conversions between inches and cm, feet and cm, miles and km, kg and pounds.
24 hour clock time. Calculate time differences. Read information from a timetable.