Algebra and Functions
Resource description
Simplifying algebraic fractions (

Simplifying by cancelling common factors

Factorise and simplify algebraic fractions
Self marking spreadsheet revising factorising and simplifying
Simplify by cancelling common factors
Multiply and divide algebraic fractions (
Cancel common factors then multiply and divide
Add and Subtract algebraic fractions (
Add and subtract algebraic fractions
Self marking spreadsheet adding and subtracting algebraic fractions
Self marking spreadsheet adding and subtracting algebraic fractions
Algebraic fractions exam questions (
Exam questions
Properties of functions (
Identify properties of graphs such as 1-1,1-many,many-1,odd, even,periodic
Put each function into the correct range section on the answer sheet (answer sheet below)
Tarsia Range of a Function activity -Sheet 2
Domain and Range of functions (
Identify the range of a function given the function and it's domain
Composite Function Loop Cards
Using the functions e(x)=2x-1,f(x)=4x, g(x)=x+5,h(x)=x^2, i(x)=3x+1 find comosite functions.
Composite Functions Activity (
Finding gf(x)
Composite Functions Multiple Choice Test (
Substituting into functions and finding composite functions
Composite Functions Questions (
Finding fg(x) and gf(x)
Composite Functions Questions (
Finding ff(x) and gg(x)
Inverse Function Activity (
Finding the inverse of one, two and three stage functions
Inverse Function Questions (
Finding inverse functions and state domain of the function
Inverse Functions True or False (
Deciding whether inverse functions are true or false
Functions Exam Questions (
A mixture of rational, composite and inverse function exam questions
Calculating the modulus
Self marking worksheet for students to calculate the modulus of functions
Modulus functions
Excel activity to investigate linear, quadratic, cubic and trigonometric modulus functons
Comparing modulus functions
Excel activity to compare functions like y=x+2, y=mod(x+2) and y=mod(x)+2
Solving modulus equations
Self marking worksheet for students to sketch graphs and solve equations involving modulus functions
Trig identities starter
Powerpoint reviewing C2 trigonometric identities
Secant, Cosecant, Cotangent
Powerpoint introducing and proving simple C3 trig identities and proofs
Cosec Exam question (
Solve equation involving cosec
Tan and sec exam question (
Solve equation involving tan and sec
Proof (
Proof using cosec and sec
Proof (
Proof using cosec2 and sec2
Proof (
Further proofs with cosec and cot
Proof (
Proof involving difference of 2 squares
Proof (
Proof involving definitions and fractions with trigonometry
Explanation and example
acosǾ+bsinǾ exam question (
Worked exam question
The identities (
All the identities on one page.
The identities test (asguru)
AS Guru test on the identities
Tarsia log dominoes (C2 revision)
Starter activity covering prior knowledge of logs
Exponentials and logs notes and activities (asguru)
AS Guru revision/research
Exponential and logs research activity
Worksheet with links to websites to research key concepts
Solve equations with exponentials & logs (
Solve equations using knowledge and properties of logs
Solve equations with exponentials & logs (
Solve equations using knowledge and properties of logs
Inverse log and exponential functions loop
Loop problem finding the inverse of exponential and natural log functions
Exam question using dy/dx=dy/du x du/dx